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Alias Smith and Jones Season 3 Episode 1 The Long Chase 1972

A farmer spots the two boys and alerts the sheriff, but Heyes and the Kid jumps on a train and manage to get away. On the train they meet Harry Briscoe, who's now fired from Bannerman Detectives Inc. But when the posse telegraphs ahead, Heyes quickly reinstates Harry - and the boys become his prisoners. The sheriff doesn't buy it though, and sends a deputy along with them to make sure they get to Wyoming. Harry manages to fool the deputy into believing that the Devil's hole gang is after them, and makes the deputy the decoy, while he and his two prisoners take another route. Soon, the Kid's newly requisitioned horse is hurt, and they have to board a train again. Unfortunally the train heads back to the town they came from, so Heyes and the Kid decide to jump off the train to wait for Harry, who thinks that the sheriff might be fooled by the same trick twice... But is Harry wrong, and will Heyes and the Kid survive until Harry can save them?

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